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Baby / Children Bed Linen

Lulu Designs is VERY EXCITED to be launching their new baby / children bed linen shortly. 

We will have a few samples at the upcoming POP UP on Weds 26 July where you will have the chance to see and order our Collection as well as our new home decor designer range.

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This Easter let happy thoughts multiply like bunnies!

Lulu Designs is excited to be attending the Field and Study Market – Parkmore this Saturday 8th April from 10 – 3 pm.

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Show some bunny you love them

Don’t know if anyone else feels it but it is way too early to have a chill in the air! Maybe all our Easter Eggs won’t melt this year before the kids find them!!

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The Colour of Come-Backs

Another year has come & gone, and there is no doubt that 2016 was not the easiest year for a lot of us. But that’s all behind us now, Pheeeww. It’s a new year with so many opportunities to make this year the best one so far.

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Christmas Combos

As the festive season creeps around the corner we begin to realise that we need to start searching for gifts for all our loved ones. But what to buy? That teenager whose Snapchat game is so on point, or your stylish friend who has already got everything! Gift giving can be a tricky business and no one wants to be the reason someone thought, “Oh no, not more socks!”

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New Products Launching

We know what it’s like to have too many choices and slight FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) But to be honest, there really are too many choices these days and making a decision can seem like a very hard thing to do sometimes. At Lulu Designs, we have the same problem, believe it or not!

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Trends to Try

At Lulu designs we are inspired everyday by the art and design world. When imagination and innovation clashes with art, beauty and style the most amazing works are created and there is no better way to celebrate this collision of ideas and talent, than to appreciate it everyday in your own home.

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Meet The Artists: Micklyn & Tane Le Feuvre 

The story of our artists actually starts much earlier than expected. It starts over three generations ago, with a Grandmother.

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What does a Blog have in common with Ancient Egypt?

This might sound like a ridiculous thing to suggest, however, you might be surprised how similar we are to the ancient sun worshipers.

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